Security Concerns In the World of Cloud Computing

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Kashish Goyal
Supriya Supriya


Cloud Computing is one of the today’s most exciting technology. it is base on pay-as-you-go approach . Cloud Computing is an Internetbased
computing, where shared resources, software and information, are provided to computers and devices on-demand. Cloud Computing is a
promising technology to facilitate development of large-scale, on-demand, flexible computing infrastructures. . It is a construct that allows user to
access applications that actually reside at location other than user’s own computer or other Internet-connected devices. Security is the biggest
challenge for Cloud Computing currently. Trust has proved to be one of the most important and effective alternative means to construct security in
distributed systems. Obviously putting everything into a single box i.e. into the Cloud will only make it easier for hacker. This paper presents an
overview and the study of the Cloud Computing. Also include the several security and challenging issues

Keywords: Cloud Storage, Security, Privacy, Data Availability, Control, Attack.



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