Various Edge Detection Techniques: Survey, Implementation and Comparison

Krupa Shah, Khushbu Patel, Ghanshyam I Prajapati


Edge Detection from colored images or gray scaled images belongs to the field of Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision. An edge
defines the boundaries between or among regions or objects in an image therefore edge detection helps to identify objects from the given images and
also assists in image segmentation. Many techniques are being used for detecting edge(s) from a given image for various kinds of applications like
boundary detection, object recognition and many more. Prewitt, Sobel and Canny are the most popular and more frequently used techniques for the
same. Each technique has its own advantages and limitations. This review paper consists of discussion of such techniques with their implementations
and comparisons using certain parameters like lightning conditions, image acquisition methods, image quality, and presence of noise.

Keywords: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Edge. Gray-scaled image, Image Segmentation, Image acquisition

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