Jobshop Scheduling Domain Through Cuckoo Search

Sneha A. Gaywala, Dr. Dharm Singh, Chirag Suryakant Thaker


Scheduling can be defined as a problem of finding an optimal sequence to execute a finite set of operations satisfying most of the
constraints. Job shop scheduling is a constrained optimization problem and is the most general and complex among all shop scheduling
problems. Nature is handpicked instructor to resolve combined problems within industry of computer discipline. Nature inspired algorithms
and approximation algorithms are reported to be very effective in giving near optimal solutions to such complex problems. In this Paper,
the concepts of the cuckoo-search discussed and guess the approach that cuckoo search optimization algorithm can perform more
efficiently and there is only a single parameter apart from the population size. It can be minimizes the makespan and the scheduling can be
used in computing.

Keywords: cuckoo search, job shop, scheduling.

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