Simulation and Comparison of Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols in Multiple Source- Destination Pairs Using NS2

Meena Kushwaha, Siddlingappagouda C Biradar, Tejpal


MANET, a mobile ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without
any infrastructure and centralized administration. There are various routing protocols available for MANETs. The most popular ones are
DSR, AODV and DSDV. The vision of this paper is to evaluate above mentioned protocols for multiple source-destination pair which use
single intermediate node. An attempt has been made to compare the performance and hence forms selection criteria for best routing
protocol in particular scenarios. The comparison has been done under TCP protocol.
Simulation results for different aspects are also depicted. These simulations are carried out rely on the Rice Monarch Project that has made
substantial extensions to the NS2 network simulator to run ad hoc simulations. The tools used for the simulation are NS2 (ver 2.29) which
is the main simulator, NAM (Network Animator), NS2-VisualTraceAnalyzer-0.2.72 and Tracegraph which is used for preparing the graphs
from the trace files. The analysis is significant because we considered all the information as suggested by RFC 2501. An RFC has been
drafted regarding Routing in MANET, RFC 2501.

Keywords: MANET; AODV; DSR; DSDV; NS2; NAM; TCP; NS2-VisualTraceAnalyzer-0.2.72; tracegraph; RFC 2501

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