Designing of low power high speed 32-bit barrel shifter for ARM7 Processor

Latif khan


The main concern of this paper is to design and study about barrel shifter of 32 bit that is used in (ARM7) RISC processor
using VHDL. The instructions include a set of 16- data processing instructions, two- 32-bit multiply instructions, branch instructions
and a store instruction. Shifting instructions will be done by a barrel shifter unit.First barrel shifter is designed in VHDL and simulated
on Modelsim and after it to get a synthesizable net list, and to generate RTL schematic VHDL code is run on XILINX ISE 12.1. After
getting RTL schematic we calculate power and no. of transistor and layout through Tanner EDA 14.1 tool and MENTOR
GRAPHICS(IC-Station) using 16 nm technology.

Keywords: ARM,Barrelshifter,RISC,ARM,Pipeline,crossbar switchVHDL,Microcontrol,Microprogram,Tanner

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