Business Intelligence Solutions at Selected Branches of Banks in Rajasthan

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Dr. Azimuddin Khan


In the wake of global financial crises the efficiency of the banking sector has also come under scrutiny. The mainstay of
Indian economy has been the strength of its banking system. With rapid development in the field of information technology, the use of
business intelligence practices in banking sector has increased many folds.
In an empirical study of 25 selected Indian banks in the state of Rajasthan, the status of Business Intelligence and its applicability at
branch level due to implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have been studied.
The major finding is that public sector banks are lagging in implementation of business intelligence solutions compare to private
banks. Branch Manager does not make much use of Dashboard and scorecard tools. They are confined to use standard and ad-hoc
reporting tools only. At Branch level, fraud prevention and detection analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) analysis are
highest application being utilized by the respondent’s bank. Execution of regulatory compliances is highest benefit perceived by the
respondents. New banks are in better position to implement business intelligence solutions compare to old banks. The research is
particularly useful for practitioners in the banking field and suggestions have been given toward the end of paper.


Keywords: Business Intelligence, Financial Benefits, Banking, Decision Making, BI Implementation


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