Cloud-Based Storage for Education

Sushma Satpute, Dr. Bharat Singh Deora


Technology is becoming an important element in today’s educational system. Educational institutions and schools are now
allowing students and faculty to use their own digital devices, computers, notebooks, and smart phones to study and to access the
resources at the institution. The recent initiative by the government to bring in subsidized tablets to the school going children and
college students are examples showing the importance of technology in education and the future direction. As the usage of digital
devices will be increased in the educational institutions and among the students, the amount of data storage will increase exponentially
and so as the need to effectively use this data and to have the storage capacity with the institution. This paper describes how cloud
storage could be used for educational institutions, among the students and faculty to effectively store, share and distribute educational
data, and also the benefits of using cloud storage and the challenges and issues with the same.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage for Educational institutions and schools, Green Initiatives.

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