Multi Criteria Trust Model in Grid Computing Systems

Neda Azari Khosroshahi, Ahmad Habibizad Navin, Ali Asgar Pourhaji Kazem


One important problem in choosing a secure resource in grid is how we can put up with the vast range of selection and high degree of strangeness. To overcome this problem, trust-based solutions are suggested. Recent trust models focus on some security criteria to calculate trust factor. In this paper, a trust model is presented which aggregates criteria to select a secure resource by using a fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making method. For determining the trust factor and deciding whether or not to trust an entity, various criteria are considered. Among the existent criteria, self defense capability, direct trust and reputation are exploited. The obtained results show better performance of the presented method with respect to the number of failed requests, but it needs more execution time.


Keywords: trust, reputation, multi criteria decision making

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