An Approach to Deal the Untrusted Malicious Parties in Anonymous Database Systems

Ebin P.M (AMIE), Brilley Batley .C


Database is an important asset for many applications, so their security is most important one. Data confidentiality is particularly relevant because of the value, often not only monetary, that data have. For example, medical history of patients in a hospital over several years is an important asset, which must be protected. Consider a hospital is connected with a research center. It should be possible the researchers can use the medical details without knowing any personal information of patients .This type of information hiding can be called as anonymization (Sanitization).The sanitized version of data provides security and confidentiality. So the research data base used by the researchers must be anonymized (Sanitized). Data perturbation, Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC) and Anonymization are the different techniques used today. Here we consider an anonymous database system and an approach to manage the untrusted malicious parties in that system.

Keywords: Privacy, Anonymization, Secure Computation, Suppression.

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