Stress Recognition in Physiological Signals from Drivers

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Dhananjay Kumar
Anshul Sarvate,U.L. Sahitya, Kumar Gaurav Shankar


The work deals with the fatigue analysis of automobile drivers by acquiring their physical signals.It is done by acquiring the E.C.G. signal of drivers.The QRS wave complex of E.C.G is detected and its width and amplitude is found out. The whole work is done is time domain, QRS is detected using Pan Tompkins algorithm.Neural network is trained using nntoolbox of MATLAB. Due to significant real time fatigue condition of drivers, it is competent to lessening the figure of accidents to a major extent. The fatigue analysis is being processed by correlating the acquired signals obtained from a team of drivers in different driving conditions by the use of MATLAB software.

Keywords: ECG, MATLAB, QRS Complex, neural network


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