Analysis of the OFDM Signal and Optical OFDM signal

Namita Jain, Jitendra Singh Jadon


The application of the optical sensors and the optical devices make it possible to realize the configuration of an all optical OFDM system. The use of optical OFDM is proposed for achieving high bit rate data transmission .It is also utilized for reducing the inter symbol interference. The infrared radiation ,as a medium for the high speed and short range wireless digital communication has been applied in optical wireless communications. This proposed system will show the promising results for a high speed optical wireless channel. In this paper, the history of research and development on OFDM and COFDM is reviewed. Then, the basic principles, performance and implementation of OFDM and COFDM are examined. Analysis is given to enable the selection of key elements for meeting the constraints of the required applications. Based on the ATV channel model, performance expectation of COFDM under imperfect channel conditions and implementation issues are examined in details.


Index Terms: Cyclic Prefix, DFB Lasers, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, Inter symbol Interference (ISI) Inter channel Interference(ICI).

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