Investigation of Recent Energy Efficient MAC Protocols for WSN: A Review

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Megha Agrawal
Dr. Biplab Kumar Sarkar


Now a days the Wireless sensor networks are majorly used for environmental monitoring, tactical systems, target detection and tracking etc. While working with the wireless sensor networks, there is constraint of power source with sensor nodes, thus to make network long last we have to present and apply energy efficient methods for the nodes in wireless sensor networks. The process of energy conservation is laying vital part over the MAC layer. Thus MAC protocols are used with wireless sensor networks for communication which is resulted into the efficient utilization of energy by decreasing overhearing or idle listening, increasing sleep duration, and preventing hidden terminal problem or packets collision. Thus in this paper we carrying out recent methods for MAC protocol with an intent of energy efficiency for wireless sensor networks. We will investigate different MAC protocols along with their energy saving approaches. We will present the performance evaluation of all energy aware MAC protocols as well as their architectures.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Medium Access Control; Protocol


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