Performance Issues in Wimax Networks Including Qos

Beesetti Kiran Kumar, K.Venkata Kiran,D.D.Siva Prasad, Chokkakula Devi, M.Malyadri Babu


Recently IEEE 802.16 WiMAX has attracted a lot of attention in wireless networking research and applications. An attempt had been made to compare Drop Tail, RED, Proportional fairness and DRR protocol model of WiMAX Point to Multi-Point mode with the focus on entry process and scheduling. Drop Tail queue similar to a First in First out (FIFO) queue drops tailing-after packets when the queue is full. RED starts dropping packets early indicating the link is congested and that it should slow down. Proportional Fairness scheduling is based on priorities assigned to the packets. In DRR, we use round-robin servicing with a quantum of service assigned to each queue. It was found that the loss rate was stable for all the four models. In addition to this the throughput and average received bytes increased with change in time for all the models.


Keywords: IDS, IPS, DIDS, NIDS, OSI.

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