Human Aura Signatures

Tarun Choudhary, Ankit Jain, Shubham Jain


Today we have come across many Biometric Technologies, but most of them do not assure a temper proof authentication. So there is a need of improved technology, probably by identifying a new human signature. In this paper we suggest using EMF disturbances generated by human body, Known as Human Aura, as signatures in Biometric Devices. EMF produced lies in Extremely Low Frequency Region, As this is the distortion produced in Schumann Resonance. Results of digital signal processing in the ELF band are presented in the report in the graphic form together with the photographic material provided in the course or signal recording. Finally there is a discussion on storage of signatures and processing by device for effective use by Device.


Keywords: Schumann Resonance, EMF, Biometrics

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