Towards Building a Secure Cloud Computing Environment

Kuyoro Shade O, Omotunde Ayokunle A.,Ajaegbu Chigozirim, Ibikunle Frank A


Cloud computing is the deployment of software, platform and infrastructure as a service by a third-party provider to consumers on a pay-as-you-go basis with the opportunity of expanding and contracting their service requirements as needed. It allows business organizations to utilize models that allow them to focus more on competence which improves their productivity. Cloud computing offers numerous advantages which include pervasiveness, scalability, flexibility, and automated provisioning of resources to name a few. In spite of the numerous advantages attributed to cloud computing, many organizations still exhibit a level of doubtfulness in cloud services because of the security challenges associated with it. This paper examines the security challenges being faced by the different deployment methods and describes how to build a secure cloud.


Keywords: deployment, cloud computing, IPSec, infrastructure, platform and provider

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