Framework to Develop Intelligent Knowledge Structure in e-learning Environment

Mahendra A. Pund, Prof. Dr. M.S. Ali


Nowadays the Internet constitutes an inexhaustible source of information for the majority of people. Web based information is fast and provides face-to-face interaction with the user. E-learning on Internet is growing as a powerful tool for the tutoring system. Many projects run under the LMS for heavy interaction with the learner achieving the goal of direct learning. But question that arises is whether this will replace human teacher. So in this paper an attempt is made to enhance the Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) by building an evolving intelligent object. Intelligent Object Oriented Knowledge Structures are today’s requirement for object oriented artificial intelligence based system. This paper aimed at planning and designing a Object Oriented Knowledge Structure that fulfills the objectives placed by the scientific community formulate a domain independent content based knowledge structure, provide the dynamic courseware generation at run time, building an evolving intelligent object, and the sequence of content as per user’s ‘knowledge level’. One-to-one interaction involves the concentration of the user and specific attention of the teacher or other person. So sequencing of user’s level knowledge and providing it at run time seems to have intelligence. Thus achieving the goal of direct learning, it is proposed that the implementation of the Knowledge-Model using the concept of SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) will enhance the capabilities of the E-learning process as well as will give the facility to update the expert’s knowledge at run time. The Content Based knowledge storage will encourage the expert to provide the latest updates to the learning system at any time. Execution of the concept in the RTE will seem to add the intelligence in the object. This could possibly trap the attention problems during e-learning.


Keywords: Learning Management System (LMS),Knowledge Bases(LSKB),Ontology,Distributed Knowledge Structure.

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