Tree Based Approach to Use CRC Cards Efficiently in Software Project Management

Vrushali Yogesh Karkare, Dr. Nileshsingh V. Thakur



In software engineering, CRC (Class-Responsibility-Collaborator) cards are used for object oriented analysis, design and modelling. These CRC cards are used to understand the objects, its responsibilities, that is coupling between the classes and sometimes it is used to adjust the load on the classes. After the designs of these CRC cards, they are used for implementation. This paper presents an approach based on tree for efficient use of CRC cards in software project management. This paper suggests that the CRC cards are not only use for implementation but also for project management, like load management with team members, project scheduling and tracking using a data structure graph and trees. Efficacy of the proposed approach is justified through the analytical results.

Keywords: Software engineering, CRC cards, Software project management, Tree, Graph}


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