New Technique for Keyframe Extraction Using Block Based Histogram

Mr. Sandip T. Dhagdi


Shot boundary detection and Keyframe Extraction is a fundamental step for organization of large video data. Key frame extraction has been recognized as one of the important research issues in video information retrieval. Video shot boundary detection, which segments a video by detecting boundaries between camera shots, is usually the first and important step for content-based video retrieval. This paper discusses the importance of key frame extraction; briefly review and evaluate the existing approaches, to overcome the shortcomings of the existing approaches. This paper also presents a new approach for key frame extraction based on the block based Histogram difference and edge matching rate. Firstly, the Histogram difference of every frame is calculated, and then the edges of the candidate key frames are extracted by Prewitt operator. At last, the paper makes the edges of adjacent frames match. If the edge matching rate is up to 50%, the current frame is deemed to the redundant key frame and should be discarded.Histogram-based algorithms are very applicable to SBD, They provide global information about the video content and are faster without any performance degradations.


Keywords- key frame extraction; Histogram Difference; Prewitt operator; edge matching rate

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