Data Mining of Biological Data in Bioinformatics using Transcription, Translation Algorithm and Pattern Matching of Protein Sequences

Vivek Gangwar, Yogendra Singh, Dr. Udayan Ghose


Data mining of biological data in Bioinformatics is an emerging area of research. In this paper algorithms of Transcription(conversion of DNA to RNA ) and Translation (RNA to Protein conversion) will be described. Since whenever human body is affected by any type of bacteria or virus ,to over come this our body produces protein for fighting against them. So by analyzing the protein sequence we can easily find out the disease by which human body is affected. For this we also describe a method for finding these type of diseases by pattern matching and percentage of matching algorithm of protein sequences. So for this we provide a platform, in which different types of algorithms will work together and fetch the useful data with database in which we stored protein sequences of different types of diseases.


Keywords: Bioinformatics, Biological Data, DNA, RNA, Protein, Transcription, Translation, Start, Stop.

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