Impact of Group Mobility on QoS of Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) Network with CBR Application

Kranti Bala, Kiran Ahuja


IEEE 802.16e is a wireless broadband network standard aimed at providing robust, high data rate mobile communication. With a modified IEEE 802.16e standard, it becomes possible to provide robust group mobility in battle zone or emergency operations that require centralized control. In these situations, the group mobility issues are very important to support the military and emergency applications, in which multiple mobile stations (MSs) could move in the same direction with short separations as a group. In this paper we designed a system to analyze the performance of mobile WiMAX network (IEEE 802.16e) based on QoS parameters (Throughput, Average jitter and Average end-to-end delay) in group mobility environment having different group size, while CBR application is going on.

Keywords: - Group mobility, CBR, IEEE 802.16e, Group size, QoS

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